Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health trains practicing and student nurses in both healthcare and organizing. 

Nurses are well positioned to correct health disparities because it is our role to build supportive relationships with patients and to advocate for their needs and choices.

Only 17% of students feel that their nursing programs adequately prepare them to work in a sexual and reproductive healthcare setting − we’re working to change that.

Why Nursing Students?
Through our innovative programming, we offer nursing students the necessary education, tools, and resources to become social change agents within the healthcare system.

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Building our Presence 
There are 26 active chapters across the country. Outreach initiatives are happening in the South and Midwest, where sexual and reproductive healthcare training is weakest.

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Curriculum Reform
Chapters organize for curriculum reform and coordinating campus sexual and reproductive healthcare and Reproductive Justice trainings.

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Present at NSRH’s 7th Annual Activist Conference!

Nurses Rising: Advocating for SRH!

Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSRH) is now accepting proposals for its 7th Annual Activist Conference, Nurses Rising: Advocating for Sexual and Reproductive Health, which will be held September 27-29th in Atlanta, Georgia!

NSRH believes in the power of nurses to rise up, bringing new light and hope to healthcare. That’s why we’re building a home for nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, educators and students of those professions. In a time when abortion and contraception is on the line, Black maternal health is in crisis, and critical care for LGBTQ patients is being denied, we need to come together more than ever for healthcare more

University of Pennsylvania Students Take a Stand!

UPenn students publish letter calling out abortion myths and access issues in aftermath of 2019 State of the Union. 

In a time of great division and attacks on so many of our basic human rights, it is bold and thoughtful collaborations at the local level that will help us chart the way forward. NSRH is proud of the University of Pennsylvania chapter and student leaders from If/When/How and Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) who published a compelling letter to their campus community in response to the recent State of the more

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