ACE Elective Course Content

The ACE Elective is divided into 10 sessions. Sessions can be used to host a 10 week course or as stand alone lectures, depending on your needs. If you use the entire curriculum, it is recommended that you present lectures in order, however if barriers, such as instructor availability, prevent this, the curriculum will not suffer.

Each session contains a slide deck, which can be used in its current format or as a slide deck to create a new lecture. Please let your instructor know that they have access to this tool, and provide them with the Instructor’s Guide to the ACE Elective and Copyright and Use Disclaimer found below. You will also find a presenter packet with lecture notes that correspond to the slide deck, and resources such as pre-readings and videos, and further readings for those who would like to go deeper into a particular topic.

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        Session 1

Abortion and Public Health

Session 2

Abortion 101

Session 3

Professionalism  in Nursing

Session 4

Options Counseling

Session 5


Session 6

MVA and IUD Insertion Workshops

Session 7

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Session 8


Session 9

At Risk Populations

Session 10

Reproductive Justice

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