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Holding an elective on your campus is a big undertaking. NSRH National is here to support your efforts in any way that we can. Please contact us at any time so that we can support your efforts!

Cassandra Belson
Program Director
(651) 917-6492

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Subject Matter Experts

Bayla Ostrach, MA, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice in the Family Medicine
Boston University School of Medicine

Emily Wolfe-Roubatis, CNM, WHNP, is a full-scope, full-spectrum midwife and nurse practitioner.

Alissa Perrucci, PhD, MPH
Counseling & Administrative Manager
Women's Options Center at San Francisco General Hospital

Biftu Mengesha, MD
Second year Family Planning Fellow
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)

  Holly Carpenter, CNM, WHNP is the founder and

  former co-director of the Bay Area Doula Project.

Jacquelyn Quetal, BSN, MN, FNP-C
Family Nurse Practitioner 

Courtney L. Everson, PhD
Dean of Graduate Studies, Co-Chair of the Ethical Review Board, & Academic Faculty
Midwives College of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Amy Levi, PhD, WHNP-BC
Leah L. Albers Professor of Midwifery
University of New Mexico College of Nursing

Joni Ogle, MSW, has spent the majority of her social work career advocating for women, families and children in vulnerable situations.

Nikole Gettings, RN, MSN, APRN, CNM, has a master’s in Nursing from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.

Katherine Bisanz, MSW, LGSW, is a co-founding member of Social Workers for Reproductive Justice.

Guest Speakers

If you are having trouble finding a speaker, or want to see who is in your area, please use the NSRH Speaker Directory. You can use the filters to find experts by degree, topic, region, state, and city.

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Speaker Directory

Interprofessional Contacts

Medical Students for Choice 

Click here to find out if there is a chapter of MSFC at your school. 

PO Box 40935
Philadelphia, PA 19107


(formerly Law Students for Reproductive Justice) 

Click here to find out if there a chapter of if/when/how at or near your school. 

1730 Franklin Street, Suite 212
Oakland, CA 94612


Supplies & Suppliers

To access supplies, check with your school of nursing, your local Planned Parenthood clinic, and the Ryan or Rhedi Program, which may have fellowships at your institution's school of medicine.

TevaPharm can supply IUD training materials, including Paragard Placement Training kits, brochures, and patient counseling tear pads.

NSRH can provide you with MVA’s.

Ryan Program

Is there a Ryan Program near me? Click to find out! 


Rhedi Program 


Pamela Dibona

TevaPharm representative

(610) 786-7803


Additional Resources

Innovating Education in Reproductive Health (IERH) 

“Innovating Education cultivates clinicians who offer high-quality, patient-centered, comprehensive reproductive healthcare by generating, curating, and disseminating novel curricula, learning tools, and research for educators.” IERH Website


Find additional resources, including training manuals and videos, for Manual Vacuum Aspiration.

Curricular Organizer for Reproductive Health Education (CORE): ARHP 

Free, open source curriculum development tools for instructors.

Reproductive Health in Nursing (RhN) 

Comprehensive sexual and reproductive health resources for educators.

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