Welcome to the ACE Elective!

You can organize an Abortion Care Education (ACE) Elective or workshop series on your campus. Learn how!

Most people assume that nurses have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of health care, from pediatrics to public health. Many folks are surprised to discover that few nursing education programs in the US and Canada include a comprehensive curriculum in sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH). 

As frontline healthcare providers, RNs and advanced practice nurses provide a great deal of the sexual and reproductive health care services in this country. This lack of education is a huge problem for the nursing workforce and the populations they serve.

As a student, your voice is essential to changing this reality. If your school doesn’t teach the material you need to be a comprehensively trained SRH provider, you can be the one to change that! One way to become an advocate for improving SRH education is to lead an Abortion Care Education (ACE) Elective or workshop series on your campus.

The ACE Elective is intended to be interprofessional. We highly encourage you to work with Medical Students for Choice, public health students, PA students, and If/When/How (formerly Law Students for Reproductive Justice).

Students are not expected to lead lectures. Rather, we suggest finding reproductive health experts and care providers in your community who can utilize these resources to teach each session.

The following menu items will guide you through the ACE Elective curriculum. Click on Getting Started for guidance on organizing the elective on your campus.

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