About NSRH

NSRH is a national grassroots organization dedicated to providing students, nurses and midwives with education and resources to become skilled care providers and social change agents in sexual and reproductive health and justice. 

Our national goals include the belief that nursing students across the country can be inspired to join our cause. Utilizing the skills of nurses and improving their education will improve the total healthcare experience of patients nationwide.

Our organization is growing rapidly. From our founding—with two original groups in Minnesota and Oregon—we have over 30 campus chapters in over 20 states across the country. Check out our current campus chapters on our map!

Our Staff

Lina Buffington,
 Executive Director

kCassandra Belson,
 Program Director

Makina Table,
 Professional Development Program Director

Annie Parrish,

Office Manager

Board of Directors 


Advisory Board




"NSRH has turned me into an activist and a leader.”

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