ACE Promotion & Funding

Consider including the schools of nursing, medicine, public health, law, and social work in order to increase your audience.

Printing flyers or using social media platforms can help spread the word. Some chapters have had faculty announce the elective on their class websites or before lectures, so consider asking friendly faculty to let you promote it to their classes.

However you go about it, be sure to get the word out!


Once you have designed your elective and secured instructors and space, you will want to secure funding for the elective. There are three avenues for securing funding:

        • Your school: If your chapter is officially recognized by your student union, you will most likely have access to funding for events. Check with your student union or other administrative body to see if your chapter qualifies.

        • Fundraising: If you are planning in advance to host an ACE Elective, you can hold designated fundraisers to help offset the costs.

        • NSRH: NSRH National provides funding to each chapter to help offset the costs of hosting the ACE Elective. Please contact NSRH for more details.

What you will spend money on is based on how you structure the elective. Many chapters plan a lunch time elective in order to accommodate the widest array of schedules. If you plan a lunch time elective, consider providing food and beverages for the attendees. Similarly, if you are holding a morning or evening elective, consider providing coffee, tea, and light snacks. Historically, food has been the biggest expense associated with holding the ACE Elective.

All costs, including printing flyers to advertise your elective, as well as any support materials needed, should be budgeted for. Often students have access to low cost printing on campus. Office supplies, like name tags and dry erase markers might be available through your school, but you might need to purchase these supplies.

We highly recommend that you offer all instructors an honorarium for their time. Additionally, you might need to reimburse for travel and accommodations if your instructors are commuting.

NSRH is committed to helping each chapter host the ACE Elective. If you find that your funding sources are not sufficient, please contact NSRH for additional funding.

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