Mission and Vision


NSRH provides students, nurses and midwives with education and resources to become skilled care providers and social change agents in sexual and reproductive health and justice.


We envision a world in which all people have access to just and dignified full-spectrum reproductive and sexual health care.



        1. Develop a strategy to include SRH competencies in all U.S. pre-licensure and graduate nursing educational programs.
        2. Build upon existing core competencies in SRH & curriculum and develop evaluation standards.
        3. Establish a repository of SRH curricular materials including guidelines for best practice, toolkits for clinical practice, patient education materials, and decision aids applicable to all levels of nursing education and practice.
        4. Create a learning exchange for SRH curricular materials for all levels of nursing education.
        5. Provide nursing students with education, training, and tools to become patient and population advocates.


        1. Support and mentor nursing researchers to study SRH and abortion care.
        2. Create a network of nursing scholars engaged in SRH research.

Advancing Scope of Practice

        1. Provide leadership and create strategic alliances to advance scope of practice initiatives.
        2. Develop state-based coalitions of key stakeholders to advance scope of practice issues.
        3. Collect and disseminate existing quality data and patient safety information involving nurses at all levels practicing to full scope of practice and legal authority.

Movement Building

        1. Identify key inter-professional and nursing organizations for collaboration on SRH education, practice, and research initiatives.
        2. Collaborate with allied organizations to develop specific strategies for promoting SRH education, practice, and research in nursing as it relates to their mission.
        3. Provide training and create a support system for nursing faculty to develop their skills and knowledge to integrate full spectrum SRH care including abortion into nursing education curricula, and provide ongoing support to assist them in implementation.
        4. Ally with the Reproductive Justice and social justice movements to advance inclusion, equity, and dignity, and challenge systems that marginalize and harm people of color, young people, immigrants, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and rural and low-income communities.


        1. Support nurses and nursing students to embolden, inspire, and elevate their leadership work with the necessary tools, skills, and opportunities to become powerful agents of social change.
        2. Elevate the voice of nurse leaders as key decision makers in academia to ensure integration of full spectrum sexual and reproductive health education and abortion into nursing school curricula.
        3. Become one centralized organization for nurses supporting sexual and reproductive health and justice through grassroots power-building, collaborative and advocacy.

“NSRH has solidified my decision to go to NP school to become
an abortion provider.”

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