Mission and Vision


NSRH provides students, nurses and midwives with education and resources to become skilled care providers and social change agents in sexual and reproductive health and justice.


We envision a world in which all people have access to just and dignified full-spectrum reproductive and sexual health care.


Education & Training

        1. Create and disseminate SRH education and training tools and materials that are evidence-based, well-supported by current research, and based in periodic needs assessments of the perceived learning needs of the NSRH community.
        2. Provide direct education and training in SRH care to nursing students.
        3. Cultivate a community of support for nursing faculty interested in integrating full spectrum SRH care, including abortion, into nursing education curricula.

Professional Development

        1. Cultivate a community of practice among a diverse body of nursing students and professionals by creating opportunities for networking, resource sharing, and mentorship.
        2. Develop needs based resources and training that provide our community with continuing education in SRH and are accessible to members across various geographies and cultures.
        3. Serve as an online information and resource hub; connecting our members to professional guidance, career opportunities, and professional development opportunities in the field.
        4. Provide opportunities and support for researchers while increasing research data accessibility to researchers outside clinical and advocacy work within SRH.

Advocacy Tools & Training

        1. Train our members to function as advocates for increased SRH education and training within the nursing profession, including advocating for SRH competencies to be included in all US pre-licensure and graduate nursing programs.
        2. Collaborate with RJ activists and organizations to identify ways to help our members integrate RJ into their practice.
        3. Provide our members with the tools and support needed to serve as effective advocates on key issues in the sector, such as, the expansion of nursing scope of practice to include full SRH services, including abortion.

“NSRH has solidified my decision to go to NP school to become
an abortion provider.”

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