Nurses are Key to Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare

  • Nurses are everywhere, on the front lines of healthcare in every community. We are in hospitals, clinics, schools, workplaces, community centers, and more.
  • Nurses are key healthcare providers, health educators, and patient advocates, especially for people who are low income, of color, disabled, LGBTQ, homeless, or living in isolated rural areas.
  • Nurses are well positioned to correct health disparities because it is our role to build supportive relationships with patients and to advocate for their needs and choices.
  • Nurses are safe abortion providers. Studies have found that abortions provided by nurse practitioners and nurse midwives are not statistically different from those provided by physicians. Nurses can now perform abortions in 15 states; expanding nurse abortion provision is a good way to increase access.
  • Nurses are the topmost trusted professionals in the nation, and have been for 17 years, since first included in the Gallup public opinion polls. This makes us a perfect fit for the sensitive area of sexual and reproductive care. It also means that when we stand up for reproductive rights, people listen.

"NSSRH has made me into an activist and leader."

We are Achieving Curriculum Reform

Thanks to NSSRH student activism, we assisted a nursing school to add abortion training to its curriculum for 500+ students per year, and we are now making headway toward curriculum reform at several more schools.

The mission of NSSRH is to provide nursing students with the education, tools, and resources necessary to become social change agents within the healthcare system as it relates to sexual and reproductive justice.

NSSRH was founded by nursing students who are now nurses, and understand what nursing students need to make chapter-building feasible amidst the stress of school, and what they need to leave school fully prepared to make a difference in the field of sexual and reproductive health. We mentor students ourselves, and connect them with mentors in the field, externship opportunities at clinics, and job opportunities.

NSSRH trains nursing students in both healthcare and organizing. Our Annual Activist Conference trains 70+ students from about 20 nursing schools in sexual and reproductive healthcare, Reproductive Justice, and organizing skills to bring home to their campus chapters. We also sponsor 130+ nursing students each year to attend conferences and trainings, including trainings in RJ and abortion procedures.

NSSRH campus chapters nationwide are fixing the glaring holes in nursing education. Nursing students are so dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive healthcare to all, and so disturbed by the gaps in their education, that despite the notorious difficulty of nursing school, they are jumping to build chapters and correct the deficiencies in their curricula. With NSSRH’s support and resources, chapters are organizing for curriculum reform and coordinating campus sexual and reproductive healthcare and RJ trainings. 

Our ACE (Abortion Care Education) Elective gives students the tools they need to coordinate these electives at their schools and invite their fellow students. Thus, students not only complete their education, but demonstrate their hunger for this training and exert pressure for curriculum reform.

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