Presentation Proposal Submission Period Closed... Thanks for the Great Proposals We Received!

27 Jun 2018 8:01 AM | Anonymous

Nurses at the Forefront of Change:

Advancing Comprehensive, Compassionate Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare for All

Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health is now accepting presentation proposals for our 6th Annual Conference, Nurses at the Forefront of Change, which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 26-28th, 2018!

Nursing Students for Sexual and Reproductive Health is now Nurses for Sexual and Reproductive Health (NSRH)! We have recently expanded our mission to include nurses, nurse practitioners, and midwives who are students, faculty, clinicians and researchers. In order to realize our bold and ambitious new vision, we are inviting our network of nursing students, nurses and midwives to help us chart this vibrant future of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) for all. This requires that we be prepared to serve, not only as skilled providers, but also as agents of social change.

The 2018 NSRH Activist Conference will be a space where we can build community, incubate bold ideas, and learn innovative skills. We want to know, from you: What do we as nurses and midwives need to do to make compassionate, comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare available to all?

In addition to interactive sessions, we will hear from nurses on the ground about what they are facing in their nursing programs, in their advocacy work and at their clinics. We will learn about the latest studies and trauma-informed methods in SRH. We will listen and learn from nurses of color about what it means to incorporate Reproductive Justice into nursing. We will work together to advance a new role for nurses as leaders in SRH. We are a powerful and beloved community of care’s our time to shine!

Proposals should be for 90 minute presentations and include a title, paragraph summary, clearly stated objectives, target audience and desired materials/tech needed. We are looking for presentations that ideally include the following:

  • At least 20-30 minutes of interactive activity and/or audience engagement. This can include Q & A; group/partner work; role-playing; journaling or visioning exercises; opinion polling and/or icebreaker activities; or case study analysis and discussion.
  • CREATIVITY. We encourage presenters to consider using dynamic presentation models, such as the Prezi software, to achieve more interactive, engaging presentations. You can watch this video to learn more, and also visit to sign-up for your free account!
  • Topics that address one or more of the following areas: clinical training and education in SRH, nurse advocacy and activism, nursing school curriculum change, nurse scope of practice in abortion care, reproductive justice in nursing, advancing nurses as healthcare leaders
  • INCLUSIVITY. All presentations should be inclusive and incorporate discussion and content related to gender and sexuality, racism and bias, and reproductive justice.

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis until August 13th, 2018. Please email your proposal to Please use ‘NSRH Conference Proposal’ in the Subject line and send all content as Word or PDF attachments, NOT in the body of the email.

Upon selection, presenters will be offered free conference registration. AV and technical support should be discussed with NSRH staff prior to October 1st, 2018. Additional financial support may be available and should be discussed with NSRH staff, as needed.

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