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29 Aug 2018 11:17 AM | Anonymous

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The NSRH Nursing Students of Color Caucus wants you to join All* Above All’s BOLD Ignited! Campaign and plan an event in your community on Sunday, September 30th, the anniversary of the Hyde Amendment. 

For 42 years, the Hyde Amendment, which blocks federal Medicaid funding for abortion services, has restricted access to critical reproductive healthcare. Today, we see an increasing number of policies targeting not only access to abortion care but maternal, contraceptive, and gender affirming care, just to name a few. These policies are having direct consequences for our patients, particularly for people of color, migrants, and the LGBTQ community. 

As nurses, midwives and students, we struggle to provide compassionate, comprehensive healthcare every day. But we know that the struggle does not stop there...we have a duty to advocate for the rights of our patients! This means we take to our clinics, our campuses, and our nursing and healthcare communities to light the path towards sexual and reproductive healthcare and justice...for all. 

As part of the campaign, we are asking you to plan an event that highlights your dreams, values, and commitment to sexual and reproductive healthcare. We want events that pose critical questions like: What does reproductive justice look like for you as a student, nurse, or midwife? How can I advocate for greater access to abortion services on my campus, in my community, and in my state? Most of all, we want events that build community and continue to grow and emBOLDen our vibrant nurse community! 

Additional event funding support and All* Above All event SWAG is available upon request. Please contact if interested.

In the theme of boldy igniting the path forward, we suggest organizing one of the events below. For other event ideas, please check out All* Above All’s toolkit (pw: BOLDIgnited!2018).

  • Flashlight Clinic Escorts: Organize a volunteer group to do night-time clinic escorts.
  • Cosmic Bowling: Organize a cosmic bowling fundraiser for your local abortion fund. For more on abortion funds in your area, visit
  • GlowUp & Be BOLD Movie Night: Host a movie night with glow sticks, glow-in-the dark poprocks, and other glowing treats. Use the film to spark conversation about ways to advocate for sexual and reproductive healthcare in your community. Suggested films include:
    • Trapped (Netflix)- This documentary “follows the struggles of the clinic workers and lawyers who are on the front lines of a battle to keep abortion safe and legal for millions of American women.” (from website).
    • Vessel (Netflix/Itunes)- This documentary follows one doctors attempt to expose the realities created by global anti-abortion laws by legally offering abortions on a ship, in offshore waters.
    • The Abortion Diaries (Vimeo)- This documentary features 12 women who speak candidly about their experiences with abortion.
    • When Abortion Was Illegal: The Untold Stories (Vimeo)- This documentary explores the era when abortion was illegal, from the end of the mid-19th century through the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973.
    • After Tiller: This documentary features the only four doctors left in the US who openly provide third-trimester abortions since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in May 2009. 

The Nursing Students of Color Caucus is a project of NSRH. For information on the group or how to join, please contact Alli Mitchell at

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