NSRH and Other Healthcare Organizations Sign Off on 'Final Title X Regulation' Statement

1 Mar 2019 1:41 PM | Anonymous

NSRH is proud to join our fellow healthcare organizations in standing up to the latest attack on Title X with the following statement...

The Final Title X Regulation Disregards Expert Opinion and Evidence-Based Practices

February 26, 2019

Washington, D.C. – The Department of Health and Human Services has released a final regulation that will significantly limit the health care available to patients under Title X of the Public Health Service Act (Title X). Leading women’s health care provider groups, medical organizations, and physician leaders representing more than 4.3 million health care providers are alarmed by the new regulation which disregards the expertise of the medical and scientific community and evidence-based standards.

“As the only federal program exclusively dedicated to providing low-income patients, including adolescents, with access to family planning and preventive health services and information, Title X plays a vital role in the fabric of America’s family planning safety net. The final regulation is the latest of numerous recent decisions—from rolling back insurance coverage for contraceptives to attempting to eliminate funding for evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs—that unravel the threads of this safety net. Together, these decisions compound, leaving women and families with increasingly fewer options for obtaining medically accurate, affordable, and timely access to contraception and preventive care.

“The new regulation weakens existing standards requiring that family planning programs funded through Title X offer a range of evidence-based contraception options. It also conditions federal funding for family planning services on a requirement that providers omit certain information in counseling patients and seeks to exclude qualified providers from Title X.

“This regulation will do indelible harm to the health of Americans and to the relationship between patients and their providers. By forcing providers to omit critical information about health care and resources available, the final regulation directly undermines patients’ confidence in their care.

“There is no room for politics in the exam room. For the health of the American people, every individual must have access to comprehensive, affordable care in a safe and timely fashion, just as every provider must be able to deliver medically accurate information and care. The administration should retract this regulation and consider the record volume of comments from the medical, scientific, and patient advocacy communities. Family planning policy should be driven by facts, evidence, and necessity, not politics and ideology.”

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