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  • 11 May 2017 4:24 PM | Anonymous

    By Karmann Peters, NSSRH Executive Director

    Last week the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives passed a health insurance plan that has been called “cruel” and “out of touch”, not to mention they get lifelong health insurance as members of Congress – which means they are unfortunately making misinformed and cruel decisions for the rest of us.

    Time.com reports that there are at least 50 Health Issues That Count as Pre-Existing Conditions, including pregnancy. And the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that although rape and sexual assault may not be on the list of pre-existing conditions, some survivors “could face higher costs” as well.

    Many in Congress, and America at large, say that there is no war on women, but the House plan seems to paint an entirely different picture for many Americans including women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and those on the margins who may have multiple “conditions”. At a time when many are unsure of whether or not they will be able to access (or afford) family planning clinics for birth control, abortion care, etc., let alone the potential increases of current/future health insurance costs, the level of insolence and aggression coming from the Republicans in the House is quite astounding (…they had a “party” in the Rose Garden after passing the bill through the House to celebrate their victory, this after some of the most cold-hearted members didn’t think the original bill was “cruel enough” to poor and struggling Americans). This is unacceptable.

    Do the members of Congress forget that we pay their salary? That we vote them into office and we can vote them out? It seems that they are actually very aware, as many have been ghosting the members of their own communities who voted for them and have slipped out of town hall meetings in order to avoid addressing community concerns. It is up to every one of us to hold them accountable for their actions. We must continue to advocate for the expansion of health insurance coverage, we must speak out in support of our patients and our clinics, and we must stand up together to say ENOUGH!

  • 25 Feb 2017 9:59 PM | Anonymous

    Sponsored by: Women’s March Sister Marches

    Wow. Can you believe it’s been over three weeks since we marched five million strong on Jan. 21st? We didn’t stop there, though. Hundreds of thousands of us have gathered at over 4,750 community meetings, or Huddles, across the world to strengthen our local networks and nail down a plan to win back the world we want.

    All of us, together, have built the Women’s March into a powerful global movement. Now, it’s time for us to mobilize and demand that our elected officials Hear Our Voice.

    As the third action in our 100 Days campaign, we’re going to collectively generate a wave of thousands of grassroots-led protests, actions, and meetings directly engaging members of Congress when they’re back home for the President’s Day Week.

    On Wednesday, February 15th at 7PM ET, a Tele-Town Hall will be held. You’ll hear directly from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, Leah Greenberg of Indivisible, leaders from United State of Women, and Women’s March co-chairs Bob  Bland and Linda Sarsour, about how you can take local action to stand up and fight for equality, justice, and freedom.

    Registration for participating in the Tele-Town Hall on February 15th is now closed. Check Back here for a livestream and recording of the call, and sign up to get involved with the Hear Our Voice Campaign.

    Alexa and the rest of the Women’s March Network Support Team

  • 15 Feb 2017 10:18 PM | Anonymous

    Sponsored by: Women’s March Sister Marches

    Our grassroots army is over 5 million marchers strong. For me personally, knowing that we stand together has made me feel stronger, hopeful, and more energized. I hope that we won’t stop. We can’t stop.

    On January 21, we launched the 10 actions in 100 days campaign. As a warmup, we sent thousands of postcards to our senators across the country. Now we have to build a network of activists that can handle everything that’s thrown at us — we’re in this for the long haul. So the next action is to get together with family, friends and neighbors in thousands of places around the world for a Huddle.

    Get your friends, family and neighbors together and join or host a Huddle near you.

    Huddles are meetings where we Marchers and others can get to know each other better, envision the country we want, and make plans on how to win it.

    You don’t need to have ever done something like this before. We have a guide available and lots of resources to help you come up with an action plan.

    Click here to find or host a Huddle near you!

    Building this movement is going to take all of us, in our communities, banding together to build the world we want to see, and making sure the world hears our voice. Join us.

    In solidarity,

    Yordanos and the Women’s March Team

  • 27 Jan 2017 10:21 PM | Anonymous

    Sponsored by: Women’s March Sister Marches

    10 Actions for the First 100 Days is a series of actions we’ll take together to build power and crystallize the Women’s March as a people-powered movement to be reckoned with. We’ll introduce a new action every 10 days, for the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

    Action 1 is to send postcards to our Senators, telling them what’s important to us and why. Click here to find out more, get your FREE postcards and find out how to write them with your friends, neighbors and fellow marchers!

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