TBD Health is a healthcare company that was founded on the philosophy that every individual has the right to sexual healthcare that is accessible, sex-positive, and non-judgmental. Rizalyn Delgado, a nurse practitioner with TBD Health, discusses the importance of addressing STI stigma as well as the process of home testing provided by TBD Health!


Tell us a little about yourself and your pathway into nursing.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Old Dominion University in 2002. I went on to gain clinical experience in hospital-based in-patient medical units, mental health, and trauma surgery within the BayCare and Johns Hopkins University medical systems.  

In 2018, I graduated from the University of Arizona with my Doctorate in Nursing Practice with a specialty in Family Nurse Practitioner.  My nurse practitioner clinical experience includes managing acute and chronic health care needs in primary care and urgent care settings; as well as specializing in pain management.  

Outside of my professional life, my true passions are being an active-duty military spouse and a mother of 3 beautiful children.  

You work at TBD Health; can you tell us about what it is you all do and why TBD health was created?

TBD Health is a healthcare company that was created based on the philosophy that every individual has the right to sexual healthcare that is accessible, sex-positive, and non-judgmental. TBD Health’s online platform and Las Vegas-based health clinic provide easy access to this basic need. TBD Health offers at-home testing kits online for sexually transmitted infections (STI) for vagina-havers and penis-havers living in AZ, CT, FL, MA, NV, WA.  

For anyone living or visiting Las Vegas, they have the alternative option to purchase an at-home testing kit in the clinic or schedule a face-to-face visit to have a consultation and clinician-assisted specimen collection.  

Can you walk us through the process of someone ordering a testing kit? Is there a consult that’s included or what can someone expect? 

Online ordering of our home STI testing kit is simple. Just visittbd.healthand choose one of the various test kit combinations that best suits your needs. Subscription plans are also available. You will receive the kit in discrete packaging in the mail. The kit has everything you need to collect urine, blood, and tissue specimens in a minimally invasive way. The kit also includes a pre-paid mailing package that you simply put your completed testing kit in and drop in the mailbox. The package is then delivered via USPS to our partnering laboratory.  

When screening results are available, one of our clinicians reviews them and provides them to you in your personal TBD Patient Portal account for easy client review. An optional consultation with the nurse practitioner is available with audio and/or video conferencing via HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platforms. During this consultation, you and the clinician can review results together, learn more about reproductive/sexual health, discuss treatment options, and receive electronically prescribed medications to treat any detected sexually transmitted infections. 

How do you see the work of TBD helping to address STI stigma//health equity? 

TBD Health addresses STI stigma and health equity by making all-inclusive care the foundation of our practice. Our services expand far beyond managing STIs. TBD Health promotes self-empowerment by delivering various opportunities to educate our clients regarding sexual/reproductive health, gender identity/status, and relationships. These topics are covered on our website and telemedicine consultations exist for more detailed discussions.

While there are benefits of telehealth and at-home testing, there are also drawbacks like cost and insurance coverage, and access to preventative resources like dental dams, condoms, and contraception that frequently co-occur during an in-person visit for STI testing. Can you speak to how TBD health is thinking about the limitations of at-home STI testing? 

Navigating the healthcare system can be intimidating and exhausting for many people.  TBD Health understands and acknowledges barriers to offering accessible healthcare.  We keep affordability and accessibility our utmost priority.  We diligently assess the needs of our clients and provide them with additional community resources that may bridge the gap in their specific care. We inform our clients with resources such as prescription discount programs and information for other low-cost reproductive health clinics regarding services we currently do not offer.  

Also, TBD Health includes barrier contraception within each of our testing kits; sells emergency contraception available through our website and Las Vegas clinic, and offers additional treatments related to sexual health.  

What is your vision for SRH care in the future? How do you see TBD Health fitting into that?

Our vision for the future of SRH is that this significant healthcare need is prioritized as a vital aspect of wellness.  It is imperative that society takes a proactive approach to sexual and reproductive issues to promote health and safety within our communities.  TBD Health keeps up with the latest healthcare policy changes and constantly evaluates the specific needs of our clients.  These efforts will ensure that the care given at TBD Health remains relevant and valuable to our communities.