Professional Programs

NSRH offers an ever expanding array of educational and professional development programs for nursing professionals.

As nurses, we are educated to incorporate a multitude of information and systems-level knowledge into treating our patients. From trends in lab work, to assessing the impact of medications on patients; however, we are not trained to understand the myriad ways that opressive systems and structures impact our patient's health.  This is why NSRH is committed to providing you with both technical knowledge as well as frameworks that help ground that knowledge and clinical practice in ways that can help us better assess and address these systemic influences.

Training in Abortion Care Residency

If you are an RN in Kentucky and/or Tennesee you can apply to participate in ourTraining in Abortion Care Residency to gain hands-on experience in abortion care within your scope of practice. Applications are open and being reviewed on a rolling basis through February. 

Online Institute

Our Online Institute provides you with interactive educational modules that will increase your knowledge and proficiency in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Justice while you earn much needed CE Hours. Non-Members can purchase courses a la carte through our store.

Take a sneak peak at one of our courses.

NSRH Reproductive Justice Series

Join NSRH to gain access to our upcoming 6-month RJ Series for members! Each month we will explore an intersection that impacts people's ability to choose if or when to have children and how to birth and care for their families in safe environments- the core principles of Reproductive Justice. Topics range from: sex and pleasure in the Black community to  creating a trans-liberatory health system, and so much more!