Welcome to  Nurses for Justice! This podcast is brought to you by Nurses for Justice and was created to dive into the heart of the reproductive health and justice movement. Each month, Rosie Laine and Rimsha Syed sit down with nurses, students, advocates, educators, and other allied professionals who are dedicated to making bodily autonomy a reality for more people. Between analyzing the way reproductive justice intersects with many other causes to riveting interviews with abortion care providers navigating a post-Roe political landscape, Nurses for Justice is your backstage pass to stories that inspire you.











Rimsha Syed (she/her)

is a reproductive justice advocate, journalist, and graphic designer. Rimsha earned her BA in Journalism and Women and Gender Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Rimsha has worked as a communications fellow to strengthen the Asian American and Pacific Islander Labor Alliance and as an oral historian with the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life. She has also written for publications like Huffington Post, Wear Your Voice Magazine, The Truthout, and more. Growing up in the South, Rimsha is especially interested in challenging systemic barriers around reproductive healthcare and freedom for people of color. She is experienced in using storytelling and writing as tools to educate, drive change, and foster empathy.



Rosie Laine (she/her)

facilitates student advocacy through campus chapters and other programming at NSRH. She enjoys making reproductive justice a reality for more people by organizing and empowering the next generation of care providers. Alongside her role at NSRH, Rosie is pursuing a PhD in Bioethics & Health Policy from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She recently completed her MPH in Maternal & Child Health at the University of Minnesota. Her research focuses on pregnancy-related outcomes within carceral contexts. Rosie is experienced in using public health research, patient advocacy, and political organizing to de-stigmatize full-spectrum SRH care. She is currently based in Baltimore, MD.




Dr. Stephanie Mitchell

Founder of the  Birth Sanctuary

Megan MacDonald

Established NSRH chapter at Oakland University

Shanti Moore

SisterSong’s Birth Justice Coordinator

Dr. Donna J. Drucker

Author of  Fertility Technology

Stephanie Tillman

Feminist Midwife

Mar Marqusee

Provides personalized healthcare for the LGBTQIA+ community

Kelley Dennings

Center for Biological Diversity

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