Welcoming our 2023 Training in Abortion Care (TAC) Residents


The Training in Abortion Care Residency pairs licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses, and advanced practice nurses with clinical partners that provide full-spectrum sexual and reproductive healthcare for hands-on learning in abortion care!

As the only nurse abortion training program, the TAC Residency creates opportunities for RNs and APRNs to grow both their clinical and advocacy skills related to sexual and reproductive health and justice. Through this residency in addition to our other educational and community-based offerings, NSRH hopes to develop a robust, well-rounded community of care providers.

We are thrilled to have accepted 6 amazing nurse residents this year and we can't wait to see their growth. Learn more about a few of the new residents and what they’re most passionate about! NSRH is honored to be collaborating with CHOICES Center for Reproductive Health and Partners in Abortion Care and are so glad these clinics share NSRH's vision of supporting nurses in abortion care. 


Autumn Diggs (she/her)



Personally and professionally, I’ve witnessed the ways people are denied access to safe, culturally competent, trauma-informed sexual and reproductive healthcare. I’m passionate about access to abortion care and ensuring systemic barriers are removed. I applied for the TAC residency to supplement my formal training with education that allows for supporting patients to seek these services without fear of policing, surveillance, repercussion, or retaliation.

As a future advanced practice nurse, I’m excited to learn from a collective that prioritizes an abolitionist framework and recognizes healthcare as a human right. I’m excited to have the support to best prepare me to navigate an oppressive political landscape intent on denying people autonomy as it relates to sexual and reproductive healthcare. I’m excited to have the knowledge to enact these practices in my own career, and in turn support other healthcare providers to do the same.


Samantha Mara (she/her)



As a nurse whose background includes step-down and noninvasive procedures, I’ve long been interested in abortion care nursing but didn’t see many opportunities to transition before moving to the DMV. Over the past few years, I’ve been involved in the repro volunteer space by doing clinical defense and volunteering with a local abortion fund. After hearing about the TAC residency, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to combine my clinic experience, desire for professional growth, and interest in upholding Reproductive rights and abortion access.


Cassandra Durian (she/her)



The TAC Residency will allow me to connect with my need for service of the community & fulfill my passion for reproductive health. I am really excited to be hands-on, work in an outpatient setting, and be part of a safe non-judgmental space for patients. I am excited to learn new skills and to see if I want to be an NP in this area.


Keri Poma (she/her)



Initially, I went into nursing to work toward reproductive health and midwifery. The TAC Residency will aid in my aspirations in working towards those goals to reach a better understanding of policy in abortion access we well as research to expand my abilities to advocate for patients.


Hannah Brewster (she/her)



My interest in sexual and reproductive health began when I was in college, when I started to question body politics and reproductive health ethics. The legislative bans on abortion directly conflict with my views on patients’ rights, as abortion care is healthcare and not providing this type of care is harmful and unsafe. Through the TAC Residency, I plan to learn more on how to provide safe, sustainable, and affirming patient care in the sexual and reproductive health realm. I am very much looking forward to the community that NSRH and the TAC Residency offer.

Our final resident:


I’m excited to see the work being done at Partners in Abortion Care. I am especially excited to see the care provided to patients at a clinic that is co-founded by a nurse-midwife, and to see an advanced practice nurse working in this capacity. I hope to learn and grow with the rest of the cohort.


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