Professional Programs

NSRH offers an ever-expanding array of programs and resources for professional nurses (LVNs, RNs, NPs, CNMs).

Between our Training in Abortion Care Residency to the Abortion Nursing Corps, NSRH is committed to providing our professional nurse members with clinical skills, career advancement opportunities, and education to effectively provide and expand sexual and reproductive health in justice. 

Training in Abortion Care Residency

The TAC Residency is a clinical training program for registered nurses to gain hands-on experience in abortion care as well as improve their capacity to be regional abortion advocates.

Member-Only Education Series

NSRH members have access to our annual education series which dissect a myriad of topics that impact community well-being, the systemic barriers for nurses in providing and advocating for sexual and reproductive health and justice, and practice changes to move towards Reproductive Justice nursing practice. These series are 6-month live webinars are a space for learning and connecting with leading nursing and RJ/SRH partners.


Abortion Nursing Corps

NSRH’s Abortion Nursing Corps is an 8-week travel nurse pilot that will place registered nurses at abortion clinics. By placing trained nurses at high-volume clinics, this program aims to support both clinics to remain adequately staffed to handle the increase in patient volumes and to utilize the knowledge of abortion care nurses who are committed to ensuring people receive compassionate, competent care.