Abortion Nursing Corps


Advocating on behalf of nurses to have opportunities and avenues to be recognized as critical members of the sexual and reproductive healthwork force is an essential component of NSRH's mission. We do this by developing education, programs, and community spaces that advance the skills and network of nurses to continue providing full-spectrum SRH care.

When SB-8 passed in Texas in 2021, we were grappling with the impact this would have not only on the thousands of people who deserve access to abortions but also on all of the healthcare staff committed to ensuring their communities have access to this care. With this in mind, NSRH created the  Abortion Nursing Corps, a short-term travel program that places registered nurses at independent abortion clinics. The need for this program became even more critical when Roe v. Wade was overturned and abortion care workers began losing their jobs and clinics in protected states started seeing surges of patients. Our current system of healthcare and abortion access is failing us. As a national organization committed to SRH and reproductive justce, we have to reimagine new models of care - NSRH’s Abortion Nursing Corps program is one approach to building these new models.



The design of the Abortion Nursing Corps benefits both clinics and participating nurses.

For nurses who have dedicated their careers to abortion access, this program provides opportunity to continue that career outside of your local community. It is also a way for nurses with other experience to use their nursing license as a form of activism, build new skills, expand their SRH network and discover new places!

Nurses interested in this opportunity, check out the Nursing Program Guide and contact us at [email protected] with any additional questions. 

For clinics, the post-Roe landscape has been challenging to say the least. The ways in which this program can be beneficial to you is limitless. Have a staff member taking parental leave? Need more bandwith to focus on hiring and onboarding long-term staff? Want to approve more PTO for staff? Need additional nurses to support in high volume months? This program is a great way to be ale to do any and all of those things without the hassle of hiring, onboarding and vetting temporary staff. Clinic managers at previous locations have each mentioned the benefit having additional nurses had on the patient experience and the flow of the clinic. 

If your clinic is interested in participating as an Abortion Nursing Corps site, please read the Clinic Program Overview and complete this intake



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