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Did you know that millions in the US lack sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) access, especially people who are low income, of color, LGBTQ, young, and/ or living in isolated rural areas?

NSRH is cultivating a community of nurses dedicated to doing the hard work of ensuring that ALL people have access to comprehensive healthcare, including abortion, and we need YOUR support. While nurses provide most reproductive and sexual health care services in the United States, this content is under-represented in nursing school education and continuing education programs. We are working to fill those gaps by providing the education, resources and support that nurses need to do this critical work.

Our Online Institute provides relevant, interactive content in critical topics like, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Nursing
Our Chapter Organizing Program provides resources and support for nursing students organizing for change on campuses throughout the country
Our Training in Abortion Care Residency provides nurses an opportunity to receive clinical training (within scope of practice) in local abortion clinics
Our KE Fellowship is focused on cultivating a diverse community of nurse leaders in sexual and reproductive health. 
Soon we will be launching a new program, Abortion Nurse Corps, which will provide short-term emergency placement of nurses in abortion clinics experiencing critical nursing staff shortages.

By providing nurses, midwives, and students of those professions with the education, professional development opportunities, and advocacy tools they need to serve as skilled SRH providers: NSRH is helping to further the vision for comprehensive healthcare for all.

There are several ways for you to support our efforts:


Karen Edlund Future Nurse Leaders Fund

Your contribution will help support exemplary nursing student leaders of color working to become leaders in SRH

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General Fund

Your support will help to support our innovative programs and help us continue to provide free membership, training, and support to our Nursing Student Chapter Members and affordable access to our professional nurses.

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