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Grief, Death, and End-of-Life Care: Lessons for Every Nurse

Discuss how nurses in any speciality can practically apply lessons & interventions utilized by palliative & hospice care practitioners to support their patients!

Birth Control Access in Pharmacies: Opportunities for Nursing Collaboration

Join us for an informative webinar tailored specifically for nurses, where we delve into the essential role pharmacists play in initiating birth control. In this session, we will explore the latest advancements in pharmacist-initiated birth control services and how nurses can collaborate effectively with pharmacists to enhance patient care.

2024 Karen Edlund Future Nurse Leader Fellowship: Applications Now Open!

The Karen Edlund (KE) Future Nurse Leader Fellowship fuels nursing students to leverage their power and become leaders in SRH, reproductive rights (RR) and Reproductive Justice (RJ).


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NSRH provides a safe place for nurses and allies who are looking to disrupt systems of oppression that exist within the SRH sector. We create community and weave connections for the advancement of reproductive access, health, justice and rights.


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